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Daphne Marleen

May 2, 2024

Location Malibu California​


I call these Sessions The Stark Method.

My direction is to understand what is around me and eliminate all boring concepts.


Where is the cleanest simplist composition to show Daphne. 

First scan your environment and find a space to place the look.


We style together eliminating weakness of the wardrobe.  

We commit to an area.  The rule is that this space is all we have there is nothing else but this space. 

I start with Video and shoot until I find the frame for photos

I shoot and shoot letting Daphne find the energy of the look.  Video Photo Video Photo.

It is easy to stop once you have a pretty picture. 

I want to get as much content as possible and squeeze everything we can out of ideas.  

I don't need to know exactly what I want.  The Story will emerge once I feel the world has nothing left to give.

Then we start the process all over again with another look another space.

You can't be afraid of cold water new spaces and most importantly a mood board to fall back on.  Method is a perfomance it is an Art.

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